At Cutting Edge, we offer a wide selection of mouldings to appeal to all of your framing projects. Our range of traditional, modern and contemporary mouldings will be sure to capture your attention. Quality is important to us and we are proud to manufacture a selection of our mouldings here in Canada. Our imports are carefully selected and brought in from the United States and Italy to offer you the latest in cutting edge designs and craftsmanship.

Framing Supplies


Our selection of glass, framing hardware, foam core, mat boards and much more will be sure to provide you with all the supplies that you need to get your framing job done.

Custom Mat Cutting

With our two computerized mat cutting machines we can cut any type of mat boards for you. We’re able to offer any design and shape, multiple openings, pre-cut to any size, in any colour or quantity that you need.

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Volume Framing

Whether you’re looking to redecorate an office, frame photos for an art show, or decorate for a corporate events, we offer volume quotes to meet all of your framing meets. Whether it’s ten pieces or 500, contact our knowledgeable staff and see what we can do for your framing business.

Volume Framing

We will not be beat

All of our products and services will be available to you at competitive rates while ensuring reliable craftsmanship and service.

Moulding Production

As a moulding manufacturer, we can provide you with quotes on custom moulding runs to meet your clients individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a custom style or colour, contact our staff to see how we can help.

Featured Products


Check back soon for our new products!

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Dealers are welcome to look at our catalog. If you haven’t shopped with us before please contact us so we can create a dealer account for you.