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New Mouldings

From Classic to Contemporary

Our expansive collection of mouldings ranges from timeless traditional designs to cutting-edge contemporary styles. Proudly crafted in Canada and curated imports from the US and Italy ensure premium quality and aesthetics.

Discontinued Mouldings

Quality on a Budget

Discover budget-friendly excellence with our Discontinued Mouldings collection. Explore a diverse range of mouldings at great prices, allowing you to elevate your projects without breaking the bank.

Framing Supplies

Every Supply, Every Time

From the clarity of our glass to the durability of our framing hardware, we have all the supplies you need. Dive into our vast selection to find foam cores, mat boards, and more to complete your framing project.

Custom Mat Cutting

Tailored to Your Needs

Leveraging advanced computerized machinery, we offer mat boards cut to perfection. Whether you desire a specific design, color, or quantity, our team ensures your vision comes to life.

Jersey Frames

Showcase Your Passion

Our new Jersey Case is designed for sports enthusiasts. With its removable front frame, you can switch and showcase your jerseys with ease, preserving memories and milestones.

Custom Orders

Crafted Just for You

From unique framing designs to special volume discounts, our custom orders ensure you get exactly what you envision. Discuss your requirements with our team and watch your framing dreams materialize.

Our Clients Believe In Us


The values we live by

Our values are more than just words—they are the pillars that shape our decisions, guide our actions, and define our legacy. With every frame crafted and every relationship built, we strive to uphold these principles that make us who we are.

Craftsmanship Excellence

With 38 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on the unmatched quality and precision of our products. Each frame is a testament to our dedication and skill, standing as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Client-Centric Approach

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize understanding their unique needs, ensuring that each product and service we provide is tailored to bring their vision to life.

Authenticity & Integrity

As a family-run business, we value genuine relationships and transparency. We believe in honest communication, offering products and services that resonate with authenticity and ethical principles.

Commitment to Sustainability

We take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. Whether it's sourcing eco-friendly materials or adopting sustainable practices, we're dedicated to reducing our footprint and making a positive impact.

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