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From the charm of classic designs to the allure of contemporary aesthetics, explore a world where every frame tells a story.


From Classic to Contemporary


At Cutting Edge Frames & Moulding Inc., our moulding collection is a blend of tradition and innovation. With a vast range that spans timeless traditional designs to the latest in contemporary styles, we ensure every piece resonates with quality and artistry. Whether you’re aiming for a vintage look or a modern appeal, our catalogue has something for every vision.

Crafted in Canada

Our commitment to quality sees us manufacturing a select range of mouldings right here in Canada. This dedication to local craftsmanship is complemented by our curated imports from renowned manufacturers in the US and Italy. This perfect blend ensures that every moulding piece not only meets but exceeds the industry’s standards of beauty and durability.


Examples of our work

Every space has a character, and our mouldings are designed to enhance that. Whether it’s the elegance of an old-world charm or the chic look of a modern space, our collection has the perfect match for your needs.

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